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Guangzhou Congying Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Congying Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the domestic enterprises engaged in R & D, production and sales of amusement equipment. Since the establishment of the company, we have always pursued the philosophy of quality first, customer first, abiding by contracts, and serving customers with integrity.

EPDM 地垫、跑道、人造草、 PVC 卷材等,产品不仅遍布全国各地,而且远销欧美、东南亚等 70 多个国家和地区。 Smart Sports specializes in the production of indoor and outdoor comprehensive children's parks, overall planning for kindergartens, supporting facilities for real estate projects, large-scale amusement equipment and fitness equipment for parks, water parks, super trampolines, EPDM mats, running tracks, artificial grass, PVC coils, etc. Not only throughout the country, but also exported to more than 70 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia . ISO9001 2008 质量管理体系认证、 ISO14001:2004 环境管理体系认证、 OHSAS18001:2007 职业健康安全管理体系认证、中国国家强制性 CCC 认证等国际认证。 And has passed ISO9001 : 2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001: 2007 occupational health and safety management system certification, China's national mandatory CCC certification and other international certifications. 3 · 15 消费者指定放心产品”。 And won the " 3 · 15 consumer designated assured products" issued by the China Consumer Protection Promotion Association . "Innovation, turning new technologies into productivity" is our core competitiveness. With a deep understanding of the product and education toy market, combining children's interests with physical fitness, combining leading product ideas and rich product development experience in the same industry, providing children with happy, safe, and good-looking products to help customers achieve low Cost, low risk, fast start, high efficiency goals.

Product quality is certified by authoritative organizations, and various indicators have reached international standards and industry standards. It is one of the influential amusement manufacturers in China and has a perfect after-sales system guarantee. We sincerely welcome all parts of China and countries around the world New and old customers come to the company to visit and guide.

Smart Brand Story

的宇宙里,有这样一颗小小的却又充满不可思议能量的魔法星球。 In the vast universe, there is such a small but magical planet full of incredible energy. ——万星之城。 This planet with magical energy is called the City of Stars.
“万星之城”居住的都是被施了魔法的小动物们,他们像地球的人类一样拥有独立的智慧与语言能力,动物之间和平相处,所以星球的每一处都充斥着自然的气息与蓬勃的生机。 In the "City of Ten Thousand Stars" are all enchanted little animals. They have independent intelligence and language ability like humans on earth. Animals live in peace, so everywhere on the planet is full of nature. Breath and vitality.
For a long time before, animal fathers and mothers went to work and work in animal towns every day, and baby animals also went to the forest campus to study.
Just by chance, the weekend arrived, and the father of Cuckoo Chicken wanted to go out with his two Cuckoo children, Congzai and Yingying. But how to play but can only fly kites in the prairie or play water in the river, Cong Tsai and Ying Ying are a little unhappy, I feel that these are the only games that come out every time, they want to play something new, and Gu Gu chicken father is a little confused Now, I don't know what else I can do with my children, so I decided to go back to the village to discuss with the animal neighbors. After some discussion, we discovered that every animal family had such a problem. Animal parents decided to reflect this problem to the King of the Planet.

“万象之城”的小动物们都能拥有一个快乐好玩的童年。 At the same time, after returning home, our Congzai and Yingying were suffocated into the house and began to exert unlimited imagination. They bowed their heads and meditated in their hearts: in order to let themselves, so that the small animals of "City of Vientiane" can Have a happy and fun childhood. At this time, they thought about life, the environment they lived in, and the campus where they spent the longest time, right! It's him!
"Amusement playground in the forest campus!" Cong Tsai and Ying Ying shouted in unison.
“万星之城”的游乐场所。 In fact, the King of the Stars had already noticed this phenomenon. After receiving the information from the animal parents, they decided to solicit opinions from the animal people and see how to increase the playground of the “City of Stars”. The other animals were also very active and offered their own ideas, but they were not adopted by the king because they were not novel enough and safe enough.
“森林校园的游乐操场”想法吸引了国王的目光。 At this time, the idea of "amusement playground in the forest campus" proposed by Cong Tsai and Ying Ying attracted the king's attention. Their design is based on the perspective of animals and children, which not only enhances the interaction between parents and babies, but also fully considers the issue of safety, and it is also highly sustainable and practical. The king was satisfied after seeing it, and immediately mobilized the four forest campuses across the planet to build the project.
After seeing the results of the first plan, Cuckoo Congzi and Yingying were very excited and proud. They continued to use their imagination and gradually designed the children's water park, outdoor slides and other amusement facilities.

“欢乐王子”与“童真公主”的称呼,一下子,他们用自己的实力成为了全星球孩子们的英雄! The king of the planet decided to give Cong Tsai and Ying Ying the titles "Prince of Joy" and "Children's Princess". All of a sudden, they used their own strength to become heroes of all the children on the planet!
“万星之城”的动物们生活变得更加的丰富多彩,有滋有味,小动物们变得更加的幸福快乐了! Since then, the animals of the "City of Stars" have become more colorful and interesting, and the small animals have become happier and happier!

Name: Cong Zi   Sex: Male

4 岁 住址:万象星球咕咕鸡村庄 Age: 4 years old Address: Cuckoo Chicken Village, Planet Vientiane
Favorites: Fruits and Desserts

Hobbies: build, like to do things you like

Ability: Extreme strength, feels unlimited physical strength

Weaknesses: a little impulse and little smelly

是心中永持一腔热血,是只勇敢善良又积极 向上的小鸡。 Introduction: Congzi is the joyful prince of Vientiane City. He has strong hands-on ability . Although he is occasionally a little impulsive and smelly, he is always a brave and kind-hearted chick.

性别:女 Name: Yingying Gender: Female
4 岁 住址:万象星球咕咕鸡村庄 Age: 4 years old Address: Cuckoo Chicken Village, Planet Vientiane
Favorite food: Fruits and vegetables

Hobbies: drawing and design, like to draw things that their mind thinks about

Ability: Full of patience, feeling unlimited imagination

Weakness: A little scared of mice

想不出的事情。 Introduction: Ying Ying is a childlike princess in the city of Vientiane, and a twin sister of Cong Tsai. She has a genius-like drawing ability . It is a brave, rational and patient chick.

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